We’ve overdrawn the checking account … again …..WHAT NOW? Season 2, Episode-3

With a new format and new voices, Dan and Melodie Griffin bring real life perspectives into real life questions when life happens like a gut punch - our knees get weak, our heads start spinning, and we don't know which way is up. Sometimes the best question to answer is WHAT NOW? In Season 2, Dan and Melodie have invited their friends around the Together For Good table (and that includes you!) to consider how we can take "WHAT NOW" steps when life is hard. Episode 3 dives deep into the challenge when you have more month than you have money and you get that dreaded email/text that your account has reached $0.00. The Together For Good Table takes time to talk about all the impacts of financial stress in a healthy way that allows us to begin the conversation of marriage and money. You will love the candor and laughter as friends share their journey through this "WHAT NOW" moment.

Show Notes

A few resources to consider as you and your spouse have the money conversation:


  • Ronald Blue Trust advisors apply biblical wisdom and technical expertise to help clients make wise financial decisions to experience clarity and confidence and leave a lasting legacy.
  • Thrivent is a unique kind of membership organization called a fraternal benefit society. By definition, a fraternal benefit society is a not-for-profit organization that provides insurance to its members and – this is key – has to carry out social, intellectual, educational, charitable, benevolent, moral, fraternal, patriotic or religious purposes for the benefit of its members and the public. So we don’t simply sell insurance, and we don’t simply do charitable work either. As a fraternal benefit society, we do both as we help Thrivent members be wise with money.


  • Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey has become the gold standard in the family finance world. It is easy to see why when you hear the 1,000’s of stories how this program has changed lives and marriages. CLICK HERE to find out more and a training class near you.
  • If you have watched/listened to the podcast, you can tell Chris and Bridget Winston have lived out the creation and month-to-month “grind” of a family budget. They have taught Financial Peace for years and I trust them completely. EMAIL US and we will gladly get you connected.