Back Story

Back Story

Dan and Melodie have a story to tell. Their story includes highs and lows, victories and defeats, brightness and darkness – all the things that make for a blockbuster at the box office. But let’s be honest, though their details may be more “dramatic” – whatever that means – Dan and Melodie’s story is really not about them. It is far bigger story of grace, forgiveness, grit, trust, vulnerability, recovery, restoration. The same is true for you and your story, but to give you some context of their journey, this video gives a brief snapshot.

The Griffin family

Dan and Melodie have both spoken across the country on their topics of passion and expertise. Melodie weaves her God-stories on marriage, special needs parenting, and foster parenting into her ministry as a gifted worship leader and speaker at women’s events. Dan has also traveled the country as a seminar leader, keynote speaker, executive coach, and organizational consultant on topics such as leadership, healthy organizations and coaching. Together, Dan and Melodie speak on multiple issues facing the married couples in churches across the country.

Dan and Melodie make their home in Lexington, SC.

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