I’m Not Happy in my Marriage ….. WHAT NOW? Season 2, Episode-04

With a new format and new voices, Dan and Melodie Griffin bring real life perspectives into real life questions when life happens like a gut punch - our knees get weak, our heads start spinning, and we don't know which way is up. Sometimes the best question to answer is WHAT NOW? In Season 2, Dan and Melodie have invited their friends around the Together For Good table (and that includes you!) to consider how we can take "WHAT NOW" steps when life is hard. Episode 4 asks the difficult question -"I'm not happy in my marriage .... WHAT NOW?" Sometimes marriage is hard enough when we are happy in our relationship, but what are we suppose to do when we feel like this "season" is more permanent than temporary? The Together For Good Table takes a full-scope approach in a great discussion of what we need to do when we find ourselves in such a spot (and we have all found ourselves there at one time or another, haven't we?).