Out of the Cage: The Journey to Forgiveness (Part 1) Season 1, Episode-01

"Unforgiveness is the poison I swallow hoping to kill the person that has offended me." Are you stuck in the cage of unforgiveness? Maybe everyone knows it - except you. Maybe you know you are in the cage, but feel stuck with no way out. Join Dan and Melodie as they share the reality of the cage and how you can get out of it!

Show Notes

Steps to Get Out of the Cage:

  • Forgiveness is a conscious, daily CHOICE. – this CHOICE is the first step toward freedom.
  • Forgiveness is releasing the OFFENDED FROM BONDAGE, not releasing the OFFENDER FROM NATURAL CONSEQUENCES. – Allow God to hold the offender accountable.
  • Forgiveness is built upon our RE-GIFTING our forgiveness in Christ – those who have been forgiven much, love much!

Pro Tip: When hurt from the past elevates in our consciousness, choose to rehearse the goodness of God rather than rehearse the offense you experienced.